2017 So Far-A Lot of Experimentation

In January of 2017, I accepted a position as the Video and Photo Content Specialist for the Soave Automotive Group. Basically, I make stuff for a network of luxury car dealerships. So I'm out shooting photos of fairly high end metal on a pretty much daily basis. Which is neat in and of itself. But more importantly, that means I need to keep things constantly changing. Nobody wants to see the same types of photos every day. So this is pushing me to constantly hunt new locations, and play with different compositions and techniques.

Here are my favorites of the last three months. Now, because I'm me, and I am fueled by equal parts caffeine and self-loathing, picking these was not easy. There were photos that I was unbelievably proud of, and then hated with a passion twelve hours later. But these are the ones I like today. 

Until I get frustrated and want to change it all again.