A romantic walk through the wasteland

Last weekend I took my girlfriend for a walk through the West Bottoms in Kansas City, because I'm classy like that.  Nothing says romance like abandoned warehouses, and the possibility of getting shanked by a hobo.  Take notes, kids.

Just a cozy little alley.

The West Bottoms is one of my favorite areas to go take photos, just because of the various types of architecture.  Everything has so much texture that it just pops.  Plus, if you are shooting cars, the polished vehicles contrast nicely with the gritty buildings.

That's not creepy at all.

This time we didn't have any specific agenda, we were just wandering and looking for patterns.  I did get to see two drunk men in tuxedos pee on a wall though, so that's something.  No pictures of that, sadly.

A lot of new graffiti had popped up since the last time I was down there.  As more and more of the district gets renovated, more and more security cameras are posted, which cuts down on a lot of it.  But certain areas keep accumulating some unbelievably beautiful pieces.  Kansas City has a pretty respectable graffiti scene, which I think is aided immensely by the fact that Scribe has so many legal murals around the city.


Our walk got cut short by the storm rolling in, but it was great to get out and just shoot for fun again.  I don't do as much creative work as I used to do, since I'm usually working on commercial projects.  But to go for a walk with a camera and no agenda was incredibly relaxing.