car show

Do It For the Kids

I tend to not go to a lot of car shows.

Mainly because I really like sleeping in.

But sometimes, it's worth making an exception.

This weekend, I was asked to come assist at the Unnaturally Aspirated charity car show, which was raising money cover part of the cost for a friend's lung transplants. Reuben has cystic fibrosis, and while I'm not smart enough to understand entirely what that means, I know that it makes my own faulty lungs seem like superheros in comparison.

Spending a morning with a bunch of energetic people trying to help a friend really starts the weekend off right.

You can make your own donation at:


Cars and Coffee

This weekend I attended a Cars and Coffee event hosted by the Kansas City Auto Museum in Olathe.  It was their first event like this, but they had a surprising turnout.  I didn't shoot too much there, as I actively dislike taking photos of cars crammed into parking lots.  You have very little freedom in the way of composition.

I did get to see a couple interesting cars, though.  Most noticeably a BMW 2002, a BMW Z3 M Coupe, and a Lotus Elise.  Those probably aren't rare out on the coasts, but for us in the suburban Midwest, they were certainly unexpected treats.

To offset the uninspiring scenery and composition, I went a little flashier than normal on the edits.  Some of them are on the border of being too Instagram-esque, but it was a fun experiment.


E30 racecar.


All in the